In October 2014 a book was written about alleged Nazi War Criminals that were living in the United States which predominately focused on Tscherim Soobzokov.  There was no evidence or information inculpating Soobzokov in any war crimes.  The author was aware of this fact but felt compelled to slander Soobzokov for reasons known only to himself and his coconspirators.  Upon careful inspection of this slanderous book it is evident that the book adopted information compiled in previous libelous books and articles relating to Soobzokov, all of which are not supported by any evidence.  This author called upon me for information on my father before he published his book of lies.  The latest book was entitled “The Nazi Next Door”, and the author is Eric Lichtblau, a reporter employed by the New York Times.  At Lichtblau’s request I met with him and he assured me that he sought to publish a book of truth.  This was clearly a lie.

Please recall that in November 1976 another book entitled “Wanted: The Search For Nazi’s in America”, also defamed my late father.  The author, Howard Blum, was also reporter for the New York Times.  This publication gave rise to a defamation lawsuit against the New York Times, the reporter, and others associated with publication and distribution of the book.  More importantly Tscherim Soobzokov was alive and had not yet been assassinated. 

In February 2013 I received a call from Lichtblau who requested a meeting with me regarding my late father because he intended to write a thorough book about alleged Nazi War Criminals that entered the United States.  I had not previously spoken to Lichtblau prior this call.  He assured me that he was seeking to write the truth on the subject.  Under this premise I agreed to meet.  It became apparent however after our second meeting that he had his own agenda which was not a search for the truth.  It was attempt to find evidence that would be unfavorable to the memory of Tscherim Soobzokov.  Our meetings continued as I wanted to gather my own information on him and what he represented.  We both recorded the conversations from the meetings; he did it surreptitiously while I did it openly.

In support of much of what I told him I provided him with documents, most of which he had not seen or possessed.  He requested copies which I provided none of which were mentioned in his book.  It is clear that what he wrote was targeted for a particular audience.  He asked me on at least three occasions whether I was embarrassed at or angry at my late honorable father.  I was intrigued by this question particularly where everything I expressed to him on my father was praise and respect.  What Lichtblau was looking for was the children of accused Nazi’s or children of actual Nazi’s expressing some sort of regret.  It was readily apparent that he was not raised from an honorable family.  He was sneaky, weak, and lacked self-respect.

Despite his secret deceptive intentions Lichtblau accepted my Circassian hospitality including having lunch with me and spending numerous hours in my office.  It would not surprise me if he had plagiarized other defamatory information contained in books of my father.  He denied knowing Charles “Chucky” Allen, a proven fraud who knew nothing of Nazi War Criminals, and Harold Blum who paid Soobzokov a significant sum after accusing my father of being a Nazi War Criminal.  Lichtblau on the other hand realizes that the law in the United States largely prevents him from being sued; the defamation laws in the United States prohibit defamation lawsuits on behalf of a deceased.  Lichtblau is going full force with false and libelous accusations, appearing on television, in the print media and at events professing his book and spreading lies about my father.  Ironically our last meeting was the New York Times offices in New York, the publisher of the Salzburg clan walked by us without comment.  Lichtblau called Charles Allen his hero, Allen had slandered and libeled Soobzokov for years until he was confronted with the falsity of his accusations whereby he never uttered, or printed a word against Soobzokov again.

It is unfortunate that Jewish Nazi “hunters” are unable to write about “actual” Nazi War Criminals instead of innocent men and women just to keep their “victimization status” alive by fabricating the truth.  They further do a disservice to the actual victims of those killed by the Nazi’s.  Each time they open the door by falsely accusing an individual of being a Nazi they do harm to the victims.  Further alleged writers like Lichtblau, Allen and Blum never mention or give deference to the other 30 million people killed during the Second World War.  Additionally they give no coverage the “Jewish Nazi War Criminals”.

“The Nazis Next Door” alleges many references to Tscherim Soobzokov without producing any substantive references to its authenticity.  Litchblau appears to be capable of writing a science fiction novel by an artistic ability to comingle words which creates a graphic realness.  Clearly there are other forces at play which propel him to work for the Times in their Washington, D.C. office.  He as with the other writers mentioned proclaim my father’s affiliation with murder or committing murder but cannot rely on ANY evidence, none.  Their excellent writing skills does nothing to convince where actual evidence is not produced.  A person of integrity would not continually project a false impression that is not proven.

After publication of the Lichtblau book he was connected to a public relations or publicity campaign to publicize that trash.  Whenever I saw him interviewed I requested that the television programs and news shows provide me with equal time to answer the allegations but they never responded.  It is clear to see that this was an orchestrated publication to prolong references to the past and an avenue to legitimize the special interests.  Lichtblau and the like still cannot realize that Justice For Tscherim Soobzokov will not be denied.


MARCH 23, 2015


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