This website previously posted three reports on Tscherim Soobzokov which establish that the accusations made about him being as Nazi War Criminal was a fabrication. The information published in the media, including the internet, and in books failed to conduct appropriate inquiry and investigation to discover the truth about Tscherim Soobzokov. The media has never sought any evidence to determine the truth about Tscherim Soobzokov. My father was not a war criminal. The media and the United States government literally lied. A lie is an intentional act. When a lie is expressed inevitably it causes harm. The lie fabricated against Tscherim Soobzokov was the direct cause of his assassination. The documents provided (Click here for the documents) here will substantiate our insistence on the integrity of Tscherim Soobzokov.

One of the documents attached is a report with a translation from the German government, and another document from Simon Wiesenthal. Upon review of these documents, it is clear that there is no evidence in support of the allegation that Tscherim Soobzokov was a Nazi War Criminal. In support of this submission there are two affidavits from witnesses that had knowledge of the activities of my Tscherim Soobzokov while he lived in the North Caucasus. The affidavits are written by Ilias Khusbe, and Mukhtar Tleush, both affidavits are dated October 1, 1974 and are reviewable at the link located at the conclusion of this document. Recently our relatives in the Caucasus were able to secure a letter from the FSB (KGB) which does not indicate that Tscherim Soobzokov committed any war crimes. This document is contained herein at the link indicated below (Click here for the documents). The affidavits were provided to protect Tscherim Soobzokov from the illegal actions taken by the Department of Justice.

These documents were written in response to reports and articles published by those that wrote lies about my father. Lies are conveyed by liars, in this case are Michael Kelly, Richard Breitman, Howard Blum, Herb Jaffee, and Charles Allen among others. This particular group however, is predominant. They all had dreams of finding a real life Nazi, and when they failed to achieve their dream, they seized upon the innocent Tscherim Soobzokov. When Blum was settling the lawsuit filed by Tscherim Soobzokov, he was required to cease publishing his book, “Wanted". However, subsequent to my father's assassination, Blum resumed publishing the trashy book knowing that he was protected from being sued because of the senseless defamation laws that exist, namely that a deceased persons family cannot sue when falsehoods are written. In 1977, I met Blum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan at a synagogue, or it may have been a community center where he was speaking to promote the book. I was in the Air Force at that time, and stationed at Wurtsmith Air Force Base, and upon identifying myself to Blum, he pulled his hand away from me in fear. Blum was accompanied by a private guard that appeared to be armed.

When Charles Allen wrote lies about my father he had made reference to documents maintained at the National Archives that stated Tscherim Soobzokov committed atrocities. These documents were identified or categorized by individual serial numbers. I was in Washington, D.C., at that time, and still a member of the United States Air Force stationed at Andrews AFB, in Maryland. Initially I was denied access to the documents because they were considered to be proprietary. The following day I returned while in uniform, and upon advising the curators that I had possessed a secret clearance from the military; they permitted me to review the documents on “Microfiche”. Upon translation of the documents, there was no doubt that Allen had lied. Not one of the documents highlighted by Allen referred to Tscherim Soobzokov and war crimes.

 Photo: Aslan T. Soobzokov Esq., Herald News  March 15, 2009

Once all of the documents were translated, Allen was confronted with the information which established his fraud, since that time he no longer wrote anything about Tscherim Soobzokov. It became apparent that the Nazi hunters were opportunists, and in certain cases, outright liars. They played on the emotions of Jews who were victims of the holocaust. Allen and his kind be damned. In time, Kelly, Borg and the rest of The Record newspaper, will also be held accountable for their thoughtless, baseless, and hurtful actions.. The truth is the most powerful force created by almighty God (SWT) for mankind. No one may violate God’s law without confronting justice.

Over time, the baseless investigations concocted by the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with the false media reports about Tscherim Soobzokov, caused Jewish groups to demonstrate outside our home, and at my father’s place of employment. (See the attached picture). As I recall, there were seven demonstrations from 1978 to 1982. They were hurtful and disappointing to everyone in our family. A number of supporters came to my father’s side and appeared at the demonstrations. Some violence occurred despite my father’s insistence that his supporters were to say or do anything to the demonstrators. On occasion, the demonstrators provoked our supporters to their own detriment. The demonstrators carried signs calling my father a Nazi War Criminal, and demanded death to my father and our family. All of that was uncalled for, unnecessary and not justified since no court or tribunal rendered a verdict or found of father guilty of anything. The Paterson police department and my honorable father prevented substantial harm when these demonstrations occurred. Emotions were quite high as many people loved and respected my father.

My father NEVER blamed the Jewish people who came to demonstrate, and repeatedly stated that if someone was alleged to have killed Circassians, we would do the same thing. Knowing my father however, he would have waited for the law to complete its course before engaging in a demonstration. Papa was completely correct in what he said. The demonstrations were hurtful to our family by their continuous appearances and the wording on the signs they carried. Their appearance at our home was inappropriate particularly where the evidence was nonexistent. Further, they went to my father’s place of employment on at least two occasions which eventually resulted in my father’s termination. This did not positively impact upon my father and family causing further economic hardship. We had some Jewish supporters that visited our home during some of the demonstrations. One Jewish family, the Russak family, were criticized for their support of Papa.

It would be convenient to blame the Jews, but it would be wrong. After my father was bombed in 1985, it was a tense time, particularly when the FBI informant, and JDL a member, Mordecai Levy, started provoking trouble. He wanted to demonstrate outside the hospital where my father lay dying. We had pressure from our people and supporters to engage in unlawful activity, which, would have caused significant and extensive injury in the area. When my late father was briefly conscious, he demanded that no one was to be injured, and everyone maintain themselves. I remember that he directed that my older brother Kazbek to keep the peace and maintain order. My father’s order was carried out. No one was advised of these circumstances until now.

Photo: Aslan T. Soobzokov Esq. and other supporters of Tscherim Soobzokov, 1982

The incompetency and lack of empathy by the FBI toward Soobzokov was ever present. There is no record after the attempted bombing in the summer of 1979 that they had taken any action, or protective measures toward my father. Prior thereto they knew that my father received a number of threats to his life. The threats were by mail, telephone, including handwritten signs being physically placed on the front porch of our home. These events were precursors to the 1979 bombing however, nothing was done by the FBI to prevent it. The FBI seemed to let it all happen. Records released by the FBI show no activity of any kind, except, for preparing the report of the bombing. That report concluded that our home could have been leveled, yet the FBI took no additional action of a preventive nature. That attempted bombing occurred only months before the Department of Justice filed a complaint in federal court. There is no dispute that FBI did nothing about the bombing but was heavily involved in preparing for the deportation of my father.

The DOJ was unsuccessful in their attempt to remove Tscherim Soobzokov from the United States, when in July 1980, they withdrew their attempts to denaturalize and deport Soobzokov. Unknown to my father, however, they still did not stop and sought to prosecute Soobzokov. My father’s survival during this painful period was against all odds, particularly where they had endless United States Attorneys and FBI agents who abandoned being officers of the law and denied Soobzokov’s civil rights. They became deaf, dumb, and blind. They are not supposed to abandon their oath to protect, honor, and defend the United States Constitution. They evolved into a political entity.

It took Soobzokov nearly eight years to resolve his libel suit against the New York Times, and Howard Blum. A settlement was entered in 1984. Nearly one year to the day after the settlement, that fatal bomb was placed on the front door of the Soobzokov home on August 15, 1985. Do you wonder how many of the FBI agents were transferred from Tscherim Soobzokov’s deportation case so they could “investigate” the bombing that caused my honorable father’s death? I often wonder about this. I surely do not respect the DOJ, FBI, and the United States anymore. It has been nearly 29 years since Soobzokov was assassinated without any arrests being made. Do you believe that they do not know who caused my father to die, who planted the bomb, how many were involved, when it was going to happen and why it happened? They even had incorrectly filled out the autopsy report, and cause of death. They did not list my name on the report even though I sat at the coroner’s office the entire day.

When the bombing occurred, I immediately returned to the United States at the time, I had a job in Saudi Arabia. After my honorable father (AH) died, weeks later I returned to Saudi Arabia. In August 1986, after completing my contract, I returned to the United States and attempted to communicate with the FBI and the DOJ about the investigation. DOJ told me to talk with FBI. The FBI in turn read me the standard line. It came to the point where I memorized their responses to me when I called for status updates about the “investigation”. As a result, a few years later, I applied to law school as I knew the DOJ/FBI were not seeking justice. My honorable father did not deserve this treatment by our adopted nation.

In 1993, I graduated from law school, and filed a petition in federal court against the United States government on behalf of Tscherim Soobzokov. In 2004, an initial petition for a writ of Habeas Corpus was filed which was subsequently dismissed by mutual consent between the United States Attorney and myself. This occurred because the FBI filed an affidavit attesting that the investigation into my father’s assassination was on going. Since nothing resulted thereafter, and it was discovered that FBI had in fact lied to me and the court, as did the office of the United States attorney. A second petition was filed in federal district court for a Writ of Mandamus. The petition for the Writ was dismissed by the district court judge. Thereafter an appeal was filed with the United States Court of Appeals for the third circuit which denied the appeal. The only option available was to petition to the United States Supreme Court. In the fall of 2013 the United States Supreme Court indicated that they would not accept the petition that I filed on behalf of my late honorable father.

With all that I have come to know, I can state without reservation that there is no Justice per se, only degrees of fairness. Be assured that if you deny Justice to just one person, you deny it to all people. The last official statement on the false allegations, created by the DOJ against Tscherim Soobzokov, was issued by the director of the Nazi hunting unit called the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). Director Allan Ryan, Jr. in July 1980 stated in Federal court in Newark, New Jersey upon dismissal of the Denaturalization prosecution that:

The OSI does not believe “Soobzokov had actually taken part in
the persecution of any person because of race, religion or political
beliefs, such accusations had been made by others”. He further stated
that he did not believe that “we had sufficient evidence to prove that
Soobzokov had in fact taken part in persecution”.

Ryan and the fascists of the DOJ would not extend, or add, an apology to the prepared statement, and did not even attempt to justify their 11 year persecution of an innocent immigrant. Would it have been wrong of them to say they regret exposing Soobzokov to what he had endured. They avoided any attempt to admit, or justify what they did. The DOJ does not represent a democracy anymore; they have abandoned the Constitution of the United States.

Mr. Ryan further stated that, “We cannot base a denaturalization action on Soobzokov’s membership in Nazi organizations but we can proceed only on a showing that the defendant concealed his affiliation with such organizations”. Ryan should have looked at the initial complaint they had filed wherein it was alleged that Soobzokov was accused of concealing collaboration with the “Waffen SS”, and alleged participation in Nazi atrocities in and around the Krasnodar area, and the Caucasus region. The information is available via the National Archives. The former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation that occupy the Caucasus never supported or concurred with the allegation against Tscherim Soobzokov.

After the revelation of Soobzokov’s innocence that was indirectly admitted to by DOJ, and OSI, former congressman Elizabeth Holtzman was angry. She wanted a person who was believed to be a Nazi punished, plain and simple. The injustice to Soobzokov that she was a part of was not relevant to her. She said there was a conspiracy to protect Nazi war criminals in the United States. There was no empathy by her for Soobzokov who she had aggressively pursued. She ignored the damage she was associated with, trying to wash the blood off her hands. Years later she hired Brietman to find anything to write about that would link it to Soobzokov to justify what she started. She failed. Careful inspection of his “report” proved nothing but bias. The walls are closing in on her now.

The DOJ and individuals like Holtzman, had painstakingly attempted to link Tscherim Soobzokov with membership in Nazi organizations, some of whom committed murder, and other human rights violations. But they failed. The enormous power, resources, and reach of the United States government were employed but nothing was discovered to support the lie that Soobzokov was a war criminal. Further, the aggressive and extensive contacts of the Media, not only in America but throughout the world in their attempt to find damaging evidence against Tscherim Soobzokov. Nothing was located. Quite simply, Soobzokov did nothing evil. He was innocent.

Soobzokov was 17 years old when the Germans invaded the Caucasus region. The Germans were intelligent by offering all captive nations in the Caucasus; including the Circassians of Circassia with independence should the Germans defeat the Soviet Union. Soobzokov and many Circassians, did not oppose the invading German army in the hope of gaining independence from the Soviet Union. There is no doubt that many were issued uniforms, received compensation, they may have been considered as part of the Germans army, but they could not be Nazis.

Circassians could not have been Nazi’s as we are not of German background, and we are historically an independent people, and we do not aspire to expand into a political philosophy that had no relevance to our way of life. This is why the DOJ, OSI, FBI, and headline seeking journalists, never found any evidence linking the honorable Tscherim Soobzokov to being a Nazi. All they did was bring shame upon themselves, harm to the integrity of United States, and became complicit in having Tscherim Soobzokov assassinated.

The individuals that were responsible for assassinating my father still have not been officially identified, and will not be identified. There are two schools of thought as to their identify. With respect to the mentioned suspects, the only public information available on them was generated by the FBI. The news media did not investigate; they merely published information released by the FBI. The FBI are investigators for the federal government. They, typically, and almost always, investigate federal crimes. Recall that for a least a week before Soobzokov was killed he reached out to the FBI for protection and for concern of his safety. For years after the DOJ launched their initial investigation of Soobzokov being a Nazi War Criminal, he started receiving threats as indicated above. The FBI advised my father to record the telephonic threats made against him and provide them with the tapes. “Oddly”, there is no record of said telephone conversations in the archives.

The FBI directly announced that the assassins were from the organizations that were also described as being subversive to the United States. So if they knew of all the threats toward my father for years, observed all the demonstrations, infiltrated radical Jewish groups like the Jewish Defense League (JDL), and Jewish Defense Organization (JDO), yet they could not connect any individual(s) from a Jewish group to the assassination of Soobzokov, it made no practical sense for them to release that information. The only conclusion that could be made is that they are either grossly inept, or they produced false reports that these groups were involved in killing my father to deter the focus on the actual perpetrators.

The only party known to have directly caused harm to Tscherim Soobzokov, and created so many untruths about my father was the federal government. Keep in mind that some of the individuals from the radical Jewish groups were, and still are, informants for the FBI. They also are the only entity that could conduct the investigation. The FBI released the names of 5 alleged members of a Jewish extremist group who were under surveillance for months but mysteriously, and unbeknown to the FBI they allegedly relocated to Israel. They traveled to Israel to question the suspects more than two years after the assassination of Tscherim Soobzokov. The FBI claimed that their belated attempt to question the suspect was subverted by the Israeli government. This statement and the content therein defy logic and is a lie. The United States Postal Service criminal investigators did not face such an obstacle when they extradited Robert Manning for his murder of Patricia Wilkerson. The FBI claimed that Manning was also a suspect in the Tscherim Soobzokov assassination.

In time, I was advised by a FBI agent, whom I had befriended on unrelated cases, that the failure to investigate, and prosecute my father’s assassination was “Political”. He reluctantly told me that DOJ/FBI will not apprehend anyone. This agent advised me that if what he had told me was ever publicized, “it would be the end of him”. When I filed my petition for a writ of Mandamus in Federal District Court, I mentioned this in my petition and stated I would not reveal the agents name without protection of his career, and only to a judge. I further offered to submit to a polygraph examination to substantiate what I proffered. No one to this day wanted to administer the polygraph to me. With all this being said, at this point, who do you think has become a suspect in the assassination of my father? The bomb and the events that morning were so highly organized and coordinated that I really cannot defer to a radicalized Jewish group to do such a thing. Remember at the time of the assassination of my father, there was nothing to link, or to establish that Tscherim Soobzokov did any harm to Jews or any people during the war. As a result, why would a radical Jewish group kill an innocent man?

During an extended period in the 1950’s, Tscherim Soobzokov was recruited and employed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). I have concluded that all of the missions to the Middle East were to combat the growing communist influence in the region. When the FOIA documents were released I received an overwhelming amount of documents from the CIA. A substantial amount of the documents were redacted, even 55 years after Soobzokov’s employment. Tscherim Soobzokov was employed by the CIA for 10 years and suddenly they terminated his service.

It was suggested in the press by Breitman that the termination of Soobzokov by the CIA was due to my father failing a polygraph test that related to his activities during World War II. It is easy to conclude at this point that the contention made by Britman is erroneous. The polygraph test he made reference to was administered nearly a decade after my father was retained by CIA. Further, it is evident to any polygrapher that the examination was not properly conducted in that the proper protocols, particularly under modern standards were not followed. Further, the charts associated with a polygraph were not produced or used to substantiate Breitman’s conclusion. Holtzman was behind this, and has been exposed once again.

Over the years, I could not find anyone to assist me in my quest to achieve justice for my honorable father, Tscherim Soobzokov. I have written letters to members of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, the Attorney General of the United States in successive administrations, and to the last 5 Presidents of the United States. Only one member of government responded to me, which was the late and most honorable Senator Edward Kennedy, of Massachusetts, may almighty God bless and rest his soul. In reviewing my file I noticed that I have written to President Obama on three occasions. The first letter was sent when he was a United States Senator, and on two occasions since he became President of the United States. Over the years up to the present I have reached out to the media advising them of the tragedy to befall Tscherim Soobzokov. They followed in the steps of the government by hiding and ignoring what they should have addressed.

All praises are for GOD (SWT). Thank you RABNA.

There is only one GOD (SWT).


February 10, 2014



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